22nd Street

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Located just a few blocks from Madison Square Park and Union Square, our 22nd Street location features a beautiful sunlit gym space with a 20-foot trampoline, uneven and parallel bars, balance beams, a 20-foot-high rock wall, rings, and a rope swing, and two spacious classrooms. Since opening in 2007, this location has become well known for its outstanding preschool program for 2’s, exemplary gymnastics training for children 2.5 – 12 years old, and the premier quality and variety of classes, camps, birthday parties and family events for children 2 months – 12 years.


Melissa Reed

Melissa is a distinguished Educator, Vocalist, and Trumpetist who moved to New York from Saint Louis 8 years ago to share her love of music through performance and education. Melissa possesses a double Bachelors in Music Education, and Trumpet/Vocal Performance. She has helped start over 6 music programs to support underserved communities in NYC, and has had the opportunity to not only share her knowledge of music, but also discovered a passion for Early Childhood Education. During her time in New York, she has continued to evolve and become an expert in Early Childhood Education by further pursuing her professional development through school and immersing herself with ECE programs. Melissa’s passion started in the classroom, and as she has flourished throughout the years, she has grown to want to create a space for everyone to feel safe and seen. Here at 22nd street, Melissa is devoted to building a tight knit family so that each time you walk in our doors you feel at “home”.

Children’s Enrichment Classes Manhattan

Children experience independent exploration and social interactions in fun ways at NY Kids Club 22nd Street enrichment classes in Gramercy Park. We provide a caring environment that encourages children to develop skills as he or she explores language, literacy, math, music, dance, science, sports, fitness and art. Studies have shown that the earlier your child is exposed to age-appropriate learning and discovery, the more quickly they develop important social skills and a lasting love of learning. Come have fun, learn and grow at 22nd Street NY Kids Club.

Our Latest Program Offerings at 22nd Street