Birthday Parties

Will my child’s class coaches be the coaches at his/her birthday party?

NY Kids Club birthday parties are staffed with a dedicated birthday team specifically trained to lead spectacular birthday parties. However, if your favorite weekday coach is available and would like to work your party, we can include him/her as an additional coach on the party for $75.

Can I change the date and time of my birthday party after booking it?

Yes, your birthday party day/time can be switched up to 30 days prior to the scheduled event.

Can I change my party theme/package?

Yes, your birthday party theme and/or package can be switched up to 1 week prior to the scheduled event.

What does each party theme entail/how are they different?

Click HERE for details.

What is the timeline of the birthday planning process?
  • Right after you book your party, you’ll receive an email confirming the date, time, and details about what’s included in the package  you’ve selected. There will also be information about what to expect the day of your party and in the weeks to come.
  • 1 ½ weeks before your party you will receive our Birthday Details Form to complete. This form will walk over all of the details of your party, including number and ages of children attending, cake and pizza requests, what you’re bringing, and any add-on items you would like us to provide.
  • The Sunday before your party, your Birthday Details Form is due.
  • On Monday, your Birthday Coordinator will reach out to you to confirm all party details and to discuss any outstanding concerns.
  • On Friday, the final balance will be charged.
  • Enjoy your party on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!
  • Right after your party you will receive a survey about your experience. Please let us know how we did!
I booked an All-Inclusive Party. What will be included and what do I need to bring?

With your All-Inclusive Package, you get to be a guest at your own party! In addition to structured and age-appropriate activities, we will provide the following:

  • Cake or cupcakes (you’ll get to choose the flavor and decoration)
  • Pizza for the children (one slice per child)
  • Juice boxes (one per child)
  • NYKC balloons (one per child)
  • Party favors (chunky puzzles or sticker booker)
  • All of the paper goods you’ll need (table cloths, plates, cups, napkins and utensils)
  • The only thing you’ll need to provide (and this is optional) is food and beverage for an adult buffet. We would also be happy to order additional pizzas for your adult guests.