Special Events

What events do you offer?

Pajama Parties, Weekend Camp, Seasonal Events, various Parenting Workshops, and seasonal parties.

Do I need to register in advance for events, or can I come and pay at the door?

Yes, all events require advance registration.

How do I register for an event?

Login to your account, click on “Single Day Programs”, select your location on the left hand side, then select “Drop Off”, “Adult & Child” or “Adult Seminars”, select your event of choice and click “Sign Up”. Check off all of the events you would like to attend and click “Book Times”.

Can I unenroll myself from an event online?

No, you must call your location to unenroll from an event.

I am enrolled in a class, and would like to attend one of your upcoming events. What are my payment options?

If you received complimentary events with your class registration, you can use your “Event Credit” to register for our Friday Fun for Everyone, PJ Parties, Weekend Camp, Super Awesome Saturdays, Adult Seminars, and Seasonal Parties. Or you can simply sign up for an event with a credit card or cash.

I am not enrolled in a class. Can I attend your events?

Yes, you are welcome to sign up for any Single Day Program at the NY Kids Club.

I received a complimentary Open Play pack with my class registration, does this give me complimentary access to your events?

The Open Play pack is for Open Play only and may not be used for events.