Afternoon Club

NY Kids Club Afternoon Club

Monday through Friday 2:30 – 5:30 p.m., with extended day options available.
Registration is available on a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 day per week basis
Programs are for children 2-6 years old

Afternoon Club at NY Kids Club Whether you are looking for a safe and enriching after school program, a preschool alternative, or a social and academic supplement for your child, Afternoon Club is the place to be! In our Afternoon Club, students experience the best of what the NY Kids Club has to offer. Our well-rounded instruction stimulates curiosity, develops an appreciation for learning and offers valuable supplemental lessons complementing and elevating children’s early learning experiences. 

Afternoon Club students enjoy an exciting array of physically challenging and artistically engaging programs, including:

  • gymnastics
  • dance
  • sports
  • STEAM and more.

Club members develop self-confidence, communication and team-building skills as they collaborate, innovate and bond through creative and club-themed programs.

The Team

Our Afternoon Club students are taught by dynamic instructors who come from a variety of professional backgrounds ranging from early education to STEAM, gymnastics and/or dance. Our experienced team adds a theatrical element to our lessons bringing them to life. 

The Afternoon Club is offered Monday through Friday 2:30-6:00pm and registration is available on a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 day per week basis. Pick-up for students is also available at no additional cost Monday through Friday.

Program Options

In our afternoon club, students experience the best of what the NY Kids Club has to offer. Our well-rounded instruction stimulates curiosity, develops an appreciation for learning and offers valuable supplemental lessons complementing and elevating children’s early learning experiences.



This program is designed to develop body awareness and confidence through the introduction of fundamental gymnastics skills. Lessons consist of obstacle course activities, elementary balance beam rotations, trampoline, and ring instruction.

Tumble and Dance


This program allows our student to develop their gymnastics, tumbling and dance skills, while focusing on technique in a fun and enriching environment. This program gives children an introduction and understanding of the performance aspects of gymnastics and dance using props.



Students are exposed to units in science, math, history, architecture and engineering. Through hands on experiments, projects and games students will have their curiosity and creativity stimulated and reasoning and problem solving abilities developed.

Architects and Engineers


Architects & Engineers breaks down both respective fields into their most basic elements, making them both accessible and intriguing for young minds. Through storytelling and hands-on, interactive projects, students develop the theoretical thinking patterns that architects rely on while also adopting the mathematical mindsets of engineers.



Students build upon basic skills in a variety of team sports as well as participate in weekly workout routines designed to increase strength, stamina and overall physical fitness. A deeper understanding of the rules of each game are reinforced during each class.

World Art


World Art is an exciting and unique program that provides young artists with a creative out-let. Each week children will gain new knowledge about cultures around the world while creating beautiful projects inspired by that country. From Kenya to Japan, from pottery to painting, children will travel the world one masterpiece at a time.

Math Magic


Math is fun! This exciting and engaging program immerses young learners into an age appropriate, nurturing, and creative math environment . The program introduces students to logic, sequencing, counting, patterns, shapes, addition, subtraction, and more. An introduction and appreciation of math will instill your child with a strong foundation in the subject.

Famous Artists


This unique art class is designed to inspire and nurture your child’s creativity while introducing them to an engaging art history lesson each week. Each class highlights artwork from a different world-renowned artist, from Monet’s watercolors, to Jackson Pollock’s action paintings, to Frida Kahlo’s self portraits, to the colorful creations of Yayoi Kusama. From impressionism, to pop art, to photography, children will learn to create, critique, and appreciate art through our exciting and enriching hands-on curriculum. Our Famous Artists program promotes independence and encourages free expression and exploration of art materials while developing fine motor skills through exposure to a variety of art techniques, and styles. This is an independent participation class.

History Adventures


History comes to life in this exciting program as children travel back in time, exploring and discovering different time periods and cultures through science, art, music, theatre, dance, and literary activities! From Ancient Egypt to the Italian Renaissance, children will love participating in an immersive historical adventure each week!



Science class provides an active and hands-on approach to exploring various branches of science through experiments that will instill a sense of excitement into our young scientists as they explore the world around them. Children can look forward to learning new concepts, vocabulary, and increasing their confidence in asking questions and finding the answers through the scientific method.

Ultimate Fitness


This fun and fast paced fitness class exposes young athletes to a thrilling variety of exercise including Zumba, circuit training, acrobatics, trampoline and yoga. Students will grow stronger, more flexible, and more coordinated
while enjoying being part of a supportive and encouraging environment. This class takes place in the gym and is set to upbeat music.

Hip Hop


The hip hop program is a fun, aerobic introduction to contemporary movement. This class utilizes up-beat and age-appropriate music. This class encourages self-expression, body, and spatial awareness.

Musical Theatre


The Musical Theater classes at New York Kids Club allow children to use music, acting, dancing, and storytelling to immerse them-selves in another place or time. Students will learn the fundamentals of stage etiquette and directions. In addition, students will learn and rehearse a few pieces from well-renowned musicals, which they will perform for their families and friends at the end of the semester.



Fundamentals of ballet are taught in a nurturing and warm environment. Lessons are
aimed at developing strength, flexibility, self-confidence, and discipline. Ballet terminology is taught and reinforced throughout the class. Children are taught how to combine physical movements with musicality to create dance.