68th Street

68th Street

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Located in the heart of Lincoln Center and just two blocks from Central Park, our 68th Street location has enriched tens of thousands of families since opening in 2005. Our space hosts four spacious classrooms, as well as a large gym space including a 20-foot trampoline, uneven and parallel bars, balance beams, and a fully sprung floor. 68th Street offers preschool, enrichment classes, camps, birthday parties, events, and open play for children two months -12 years old.

Children’s Enrichment Classes Manhattan

Our children’s enrichment programs at 68th Street in New York City take your child on an adventure every day. We incorporate sensory learning tools, imaginative projects and unique experiences in fun ways for teaching art, music, dance, sports, fitness, science and technology. All enrichment programs are age-appropriate and designed to help kids develop strong verbal, social and fine motor skills. Research has shown that the younger children are exposed to learning the more successful their school years will be. Come have fun, learn and grow at 68th Street NY Kids Club.

Our Latest Program Offerings at 68th Street