Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols

Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols

For 20 years NY Kids Club has been an industry leader in health and safety. Learn more about our Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols that will keep your children, our teachers and centers a safe place to learn and grow.

Vaccination Requirements Beginning September 6th, 2021

All adults (team members, caregivers and visitors) are required to provide proof of COVID-19 Vaccination in order to enter our centers. Any adult that accompanies a child past the Health Check table, must sign in, complete a Health Check and provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This includes Adult Participation classes, the separation process, SEIT’s or service providers, visitors, etc. Any adult who is unable to provide proof of the COVID-19 vaccine, will not be permitted to enter the center.

Together, we will continue to protect the health and safety of every child, family, and team member in our NY Kids Club community.

Standard Precautionary Procedures

Stay Home if your Child or Any Member of the Household is Sick.

If someone in your household is awaiting the results of a COVID Test due to potential symptoms, recommendation of a healthcare provider, or contact with a COVID positive individual, please await those results before sending your child to school. Staff will follow the same protocols.

Enhanced Cleaning Schedule Stay Home if your Child or Any Member of the Household is Sick.

Physical Distancing

Distancing markers will be set throughout the location, and physical distancing will be utilized during instruction whenever possible.

Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols: Physical Distancing

Hand Washing

Regular hand washing including upon arrival and during activity changes is required. Each handwashing station will be fully stocked with soap and paper towels. Hand sanitizer may also be used if necessary, but hand washing will be prioritized.

Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols: Hand Washing

Face Coverings/Masks

Face coverings are required by adults in the center at all times. Children (ages 2 and above) will wear masks with a focus on developing their tolerance to ensure they wear them at all times. This is a learning process and will be approached in this way.

Face Coverings

Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols

Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols

Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols

Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols

Minimizing Contact

Consistent student groups with consistent teachers will be assigned together whenever possible. Floating positions will be minimized to ensure minimized contact. Contact Tracing is an imperative part of each day. The sign-in sheet will identify the staff and children assigned to a room. Any individual who enters the room or interacts with the group must sign and time stamp the sign-sheet.

Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols: Minimizing Contact

Safe Transitions

The daily schedule is planned with safe and effective transitions for each group to travel from their classroom to the gym/bathrooms.

Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols: Safe Transitions

Enhanced Cleaning Schedule

A clear timeline and schedule is provided to the maintenance team, ensuring that each room/space is effectively cleaned between each group and throughout the day. Daily sign-offs are required to timestamp and confirm that the cleaning assignments are carried out. Teachers will also support aspects of transitional wipe-downs. There will also be ‘top of the hour’; wipe downs of surfaces and devices for the teachers during instruction.

Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols: Enhanced Cleaning Schedule