Cobble Hill

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Our location at 299 Court Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, is an impressive 3,000-square-foot, facility featuring two classrooms and a state-of-the-art gym space.

Center Director

Larry Dial

Larry has been a Cobble Hill resident for over 10 years. As a stay-at-home father, he was fortunate to raise his daughters while pursuing a passionate life in the theatrical arts. He is an award-winning playwright, an avid rock climber, and has over fifteen years of experience in hospitality management and sales. Larry is incredibly excited to begin his journey with New York Kids Club in Cobble Hill!

Children’s Enrichment Classes Cobble Hill

At NY Kids Club in Cobble Hill, children learn valuable social skills, emotional self-control and develop a love for learning. Children’s enrichment programs put a child on the path to success for academic progression and for life. Our caring educators use a warm, safe environment to blend positive learning experiences with fun time every day. Through early socialization with peer groups, children learn to get along, communicate, share and contribute. Our younger students discover they are capable of doing many things. Come have fun, learn and grow.

Our Latest Program Offerings at Cobble Hill