NY Enrichment Classes

NY Kids Club Enrichment Classes

It is our goal to provide age-appropriate opportunities for every child enrolled in NY Kids Club enrichment classes. In our Adult Participation programs, for most students, it is their first experience in interacting with groups of children in a structured setting, and attending upscale enrichment classes is an excellent way to prepare children for kindergarten. Our Independent Participation programs stimulate curiosity, develop an appreciation for learning, promote independence, and offer valuable supplemental lessons complementing and elevating children’s early learning experiences.

NY Kids Club Enrichment Classes

At NY Kids Club, our award-winning curriculum helps children develop a personal love for learning that they take with them through school and life. Moreover, our caring educators understand how children learn during these formative years, which allows them to stay in-sync with each student’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Our classes are led by dynamic instructors who come from a variety of professional backgrounds ranging from early education to STEAM, from gymnastics to dance. Our experienced team adds a theatrical element to our lessons that brings learning to life every class.

NY Kids Club Enrichment Classes

Studies show that children who attend enrichment classes have better pre-literacy skills, richer vocabularies, contribute more in class, and are better at getting along with others. Children also learn to make choices at a younger age making them more capable of doing things for themselves. With kindergarten becoming more academic, enrichment programs are a fun, logical step on a child’s path to success. Language skills increase when children communicate with their peers, which in turn allow them to converse using longer and more complex sentences. Our enrichment classes provide the learning opportunities so your child can develop a strong sense of self, explore the world in a caring environment, have fun with other children, and build the confidence they need for positive academic progressions.

Virtual Classes

That’s right! We’re bringing our creative and innovative classes and special events to a screen near you! Our LIVE virtual curricula provides your children the opportunity to engage in physically challenging, artistically enriching, and intellectually stimulating programs from the comfort of your home!

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